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Our Farm Machinery Marketplace Origins

Farmgear was formed back in 2004 at a time when there were only a small handful of new and used farm machinery marketplaces online.  We quickly became one of the leading new and used farm machinery marketplaces online.

Moreover, Farmgear was designed and developed for machinery manufacturers and dealers across the UK to advertise their machinery stocks.  Each business also had a section where they could list their services and enter more information about themselves.  Additionally, they could advertise events, such as open days, ploughing matches etc.

Our founder had previously worked within the agricultural trade since 1990.  Over the years he had realised that the Internet had become more prevalent over traditional magazine advertising.  That farmers needed somewhere they could quickly find the equipment they needed to carry out tasks on their farms, without having the thumb through hundreds of pages of magazine classifieds.

Therefore, after careful market research and listening to farmers’ needs, Farmgear was carefully constructed.  The directory quickly became one of the leading online marketplaces in the UK.

Outwardly the directory appeared to be a simple website.  But behind the scenes was pioneering technology and functionality.  Including a content management system (CMS), that allowed dealers to create their own adverts and upload their stocks.

The directory was also packed full of useful features such as SMS text and email alert system. Which allowed farmers to be notified of specific machinery as soon as it went on the website.  Some of the CMS’s features are still ahead of their time today.

Getting Manufacturers On Board

Farmgear quickly secured deals with manufacturers including Merlo and Grimme for their dealers to use Farmgear to advertise all their new and used farm machinery stocks.

Soon McCormick and Landini followed suit and their entire UK dealer network had a dedicated ‘Trader’ site, which although had its own design, was being fed by the Farmgear CMS.

Within a few years of forming, thousands of pieces of farm machinery were being advertised and dealers were reaping the rewards with improved sales and stock turnover.

We were then asked by various customers if we could design and develop websites for them.  With our expert knowledge of the industry, soon we were making dozens of dealer websites, whose machinery stocks were being fed through to their website by Farmgear for the ultimate in convenience.

Dealer websites, soon turned into manufacturer websites as we started building bigger and better websites, which not only had their product information, but dealer locators and integrated ‘Trader’ sites.

Our Move into Web Design

As smartphones became increasingly popular, the changes to how farmers viewed websites meant the sites needed to become more mobile friendly.  Therefore, Farmgear partnered with Web Design UK to build dedicated mobile friendly dealer websites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was significantly improved to help our customers’ websites achieve higher rankings in search results to give them a competitive edge.

SEO research and audit reports were introduced so we could see exactly what keywords were being used, making our customers websites even more SEO friendly.  All of our clients started to achieve consistent page one rankings on Google, helping to boost machinery sales and visibility of their company.

The next stage of Farmgear was mobile app development, as app has usage significantly increased over the years.

The Original Farmgear Website

Whilst all of this was going on, the original Farmgear website was not getting the much-needed redesign and redevelopment it needed, as we were so busy on other projects.

Covid-19 then hit the world, giving us the time to reflect on the changes we needed to implement within Farmgear, to better reflect the needs of our customers and the wider farming community.

One of the biggest concerns centred around pricing and having a company that understood the unique requirements of the farming industry, plus the unpredictability of the agricultural world.

As our clients’ websites were achieving higher rankings on search engines, thereby generating more direct enquiries, this allowed them to reduce their spend on other online marketplaces.

Previously the dealers would have promoted their stocks on multiple marketplaces and in most magazines, incurring a significant cost to their business’.  Their own websites, built by Farmgear, now consistently have great visibility on search engine result pages.  In fact, they often rank higher than the marketplaces they were advertising on.  Making the dealers confident that they could reduce this extra expense without potentially losing any enquiries.

For many clients the money they have saved means their cash-flow is healthier and their businesses feel more secure.

Perhaps the need to continue with an online machinery marketplace could have seemed pointless.  As our clients’ websites are now showing above these marketplaces, a rethink was required to see where else we could not only save our own clients more money, but also other businesses in the same situation.

Restructuring Farmgear

Eventually, after a lot of discussion, market research, keyword, and competitor analysis, we took the decision to turn Farmgear back into an online farming directory.  Furthermore, one that truly reflects the costs associated with having your business listed on it.

We have created an innovative, user-friendly farm directory which offers outstanding value-for-money at a time when all of us need to be more cash conscious.

Farmgear believes that you the customer should always feel valued and understood.  There are many challenges in this industry, some of which are completely new and unprecedented.  Therefore, for us the single biggest reason for recreating Farmgear, was to show you that there is a company out there that understands the problems you are facing and is completely on your side.

Our philosophy is simple; to be genuinely understanding of our customers’ businesses and their needs.  And to offer them real, honest value and hold each and every one of them in high regard, regardless of their size.

We believe that by forging long-lasting, strong, and trustworthy partnerships, we will remain true to our word of providing an unequalled service to the agricultural industry at an unbeatable price.

Extending Our Range of Industry Expertise

Working with Web Design UK since 2015 means that we also have real life experience in other industries that form part of the agriculture community.  Such as catering, hospitality, retail, mail order and more.

Alongside website building experience that began in 1999, this expertise allows us to understand and support so many more agriculture business types as well.

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