22 Reasons to Use Farmgear Web Services

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22 Reasons to Use Farmgear Web Services

Anyone can build a website right?

That may be true, but there are so many other things to consider, which are vitally important to the success of your business tomorrow as it is to the success of your business today!

Here are 22 reasons to use Farmgear web services for your next website, eCommerce site or mobile app.

1. Will your new website be mobile friendly and responsive? More people now use a mobile device to view websites than traditional devices such as desktop PC’s or laptops. All of our websites are mobile friendly and responsive as standard to give great customer interaction.

2. How will you brand your new website? After all it is your business and people should know who you are, but you also need your visitors to know what franchises you do and what services you can offer them. We are agricultural market experts dating back to 1990, so we know your business and how best to build your website and give you brand identity!

3. What about having information on other business activities you may offer such as in-house fabrication or selling garden machinery? Many dealers have diversified and offer other services that can be just as important as their agricultural business. With our expert guidance, we can help you maximise any diversification to your targeted audience.

4. What if you lose your main franchise at all? How easy will it be to change the website colour scheme, images, logo and content to reflect the change of main franchise? With us it’s no problem at all to make these changes.

5. Who will add all your content to your website? Would you trust someone who doesn’t understand your business to add it for instance? As we understand your business, the content will reflect everything about your business and its products and services.

6. How is the website going to be hosted? Will it be on a shared server that can slow the site down during peak times and turn customers away? We only use a dedicated server, for fast opening pages and to help boost your Google ranking.

7. Will your new website come as standard with a SSL certificate? Did you know that this can give you a higher ranking on search engines and your visitors will trust your site more if you have one? All of our websites come as standard with a SSL certificate.

8. Who will add your machinery stocks to your website or add products that you sell on your eCommerce site? Who will add news articles or update page information? And what will the cost be to do all this? Our range of SEO services will cover all these and more.

9. Who will set up you email accounts and add any extra ones you may need or remove any old accounts? Unfortunately staff changes are inevitable, but you should delete old accounts or certainly change the password to stop ex-staff from still gaining access! As we have complete control over your email accounts, we can add and remove accounts as and when needed.

10. Who will optimise all the website content, machinery adverts and any other products you may sell for Google? If this isn’t done properly then the site, your machinery stocks and any other products you sell will not get ranked properly and therefore not get found. If you’re not on the first 3 pages of Google, the chances visitors finding your website drop to less than 10%. We are SEO experts and will ensure your website and products get found!

11. Who will optimise your images to suit the web? You cannot simply add a dozen photos of a machine at 3MB each (which is 36MB in total) as these will be slow to open on slower broadband speeds and on mobile devices not using 4G, plus it will eat away at your visitors data. If the images are not optimised to open quickly, you run the risk of losing customers to your site. Remember most of your website visitors do not live in towns and cities and will be on slow broadband. We can fully optimise all images to suit your website and Google, meaning no loss of visitors or site speed.

12. If you wanted lots of products adding in one go (i.e. wholegoods, toys, mowers, tools, etc), who will add them and optimise them to Google? Will you have a dedicated member of staff to do all this? And will they be able to optimise these products correctly to be found on Google? We can do all this for you and ensure your products are fully optimised to Google to get found on search engines.

13. What if your business model changes at any point and you need your site to expand to facilitate these changes? Is your site restricted or will you be charged a fortune to have a few extra pages added? As we understand your business, we know that changes will happen at some point and you can bolt on extra pages for a small fixed cost.

14. Can your website company integrate into your business software to automate wholegoods and parts stock uploading to your website? We offer integrations into Catalyst Platinum and Khaos Cloud as well as integration into Sage.

15. What security measures and monitoring will your new website have behind the scenes? The last thing you need is for your website to be hacked or have malware that visitors could be at risk of whilst on your website. We run live security monitoring of your website to protect you and your visitors.

16. How often will your website and contents be backed up? If the worst was to happen and your site was hacked, if the back up was a month ago then you would could lose a whole month of work! Our sites are backed up daily for complete confidence.

17. Who will renew any domain names you have for your website? We look after your domain name(s) and set them to renew automatically. An expired domain name can leave you at risk of losing it to someone else!

18. Is their business support restricted to office hours only? Our support system is geared to help you out even when we are closed and gives you access to our Freshdesk system (available on PC and mobile) and knowledge base, so help is never far away. We understand you are not a 9-5 Monday to Friday business.

19. If you get other IT related problems who will help resolve these issues for you? Our qualified IT Support can give you help and advice on any IT related matter.

20. What about the many extras features and programs that are available that can boost the services you offer, help visitors get better interaction and buy more from you? We now offer dozens of extra services to bolt-on to your new websites to meet your customer expectations. If you don’t meet them, then they will simply go elsewhere to someone who can. If we feel that there is an extra service that will benefit your business, then we will let you know about it.

21. Who can help you maximise your Social Media marketing and give you brand recognition across all your marketing platforms? Social Media is important, but content should always be on your website first and then shared to your Social Media. We can help to set up and customise Social Media for you, so regardless of how customers find your company (i.e your website or Social Media), there is instant brand recognition and consistency of information.

22. What about your offline marketing and branding? Is this easy available to access and of good quality? Our business print shop gives you outstanding quality products and will allow your brand recognition to flow seamlessly from your online marketing to your offline marketing. Our customers also enjoy a standard 10% off across the shop and with no VAT, no artwork charges and free delivery, you can not only save money, but create great brand loyalty.

Even if your current website company claim they can answer all these questions, have they really got the experience and knowledge of the agricultural industry as much as we have?

Why risk choosing inexperience over experience? It is not just about price (although we believe our prices are outstanding), it is all about the quality of your website content and getting found on Google.

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